Ford Mazda 3.2 P5AT 2.2 P4AT gear oil pump kit


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Ford Ranger Mazda BT50 upgraded gear oil pump to suit 5 Cylinder 3.2 P5At, 4 Cylinder 2.2 P4At 

From 2011 all 5 cylinder 3.2 P5At, 4 Cylinder 2.2 P4At Ford ranger Mazda bt50 engines use vane oil pumps. These vane pumps are prone to 2 types of failure. The first common failure is failing to self-prime when the oil is changed.  Oil changes must be done and the engine started within 5 minutes. If you don’t restart the engine asap then an airlock occurs in the vane pump. The airlock prevents the vane pump from self-priming. The second type of failure is the oil pump vanes break. This results in oil pressure failure.  If the engine is not shut down within seconds the engine will spin the bearings damaging the crankshaft, conrods, and block.

ford mazda 3.2 2.2 failed vane pump.jpg             damaged crank p5at
OEM vane pump with broken vanes 
Damaged Crankshaft from Spun Bearings


The solution is a gear oil pump. Gear oil pumps have proven their reliability.  Gear oil pumps produce higher oil pressure and volume than the original vane pump this increases the life of the engine bearings. Our Gear Oil Pump kit includes a bolt to block off the vane oil pump service line and an oil pick-up adaptor plate to fasten the plastic oil pick-up tube and strainer to the new gear pump. 

IMG 5662 1 Ford Fuel Pump2   zoom on pic up
Gear Oil Pump Kit  Gear Oil Pump Internals With standard gears
 Oil Pickup Fitted to New Gear Pump Via an Adaptor Plate.


For high-performance engines, we have developed upgraded billet 4140 gears. These gears mesh to finer tolerances (less internal leakage and higher oil pressure) as well as having wider teeth tips (less bypass between the teeth and housing). The billet gears are designed with a wider gear root this allows particles to pass through the gears without damaging the teeth. Billet upgraded gears cost an additional $150. 

 ford mazda 3.2 2.2 gear oil pump gears  ford mazda 3.2 2.2 gear oil pump open view
 Standard Gears (left) VS 4140 billet gears(right)  Gear Pump Fitted With Billet 4140 Gears

The oil pump is driven by a chain. If a chain is run out of alignment it increases chain wear, because of this we have developed an alignment tool so that the new oil pump is fitted in the exact location as from the factory. Before removing the old pump the tool is bolted to the block with the 2 prongs toughing the face of the oil pump sprocket. When the new oil pump is fitted you line the sprocket up with the prongs then bolt in the pump.

ford mazda 3.2 2.2 gear oil pump sprocket alingment tool
 Oil Pump Alignment Tool

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