YD25'S engineered PRODUCTS

At yd25.com.au we continually look for automotive components that are not preforming and lasting the life of the vehicle. We receive quite a lot of feed back from the automotive trade regarding passenger and commercial vehicle components that are prematurely failing. We look in detail at the issues identifying what is causing the issue. We invest signification time considering different ways to fix the issue. If we find an alternative engineered manufacturing procedure that allows us to produce components that have double > the original components life we then go to prototyping.  During prototyping further development and improvements are made.

YD25 Duplex Timing Chain Conversion Kit

YD25 Oil Pumps

YD25 Cylinder Heads

YD25 Flywheel & Clutch

YD25 EGR Delete Pipe Kit

YD25 D40 R51 Heater Oil Cooler Hose Kit


Suction Control Valves

Injector Seals

D40 R51 Balancer

DPF Delete Pipe

Fuel Rail Plug