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The harmonic balancer crank pulley is made of 2 parts with rubber holding them together if the rubber is exposed to oil over long periods of time such as when a front crank seal leaks it will cause the rubber to swell and the pulley will separate. The harmonic balancer also drives the oil pump on D40 and R51 YD25 engines and is common to wear on the drive area.

swollen rubber pulley2 worn balancer1
Swallow Rubber Section from prolonged Oil Exposure  Worn Harmonic Balancer Drive Area


We stock replacement harmonic balancers for D40 and R51.

YD25 D40 R51 Balancer

If your harmonic balancer pulley is worn make sure you check your oil pump as it will have the same wear. If you need a replacement oil pump Click Here

yd25 oil pump worn gear 1
Worn Oil Pump Gear