YD25 D40 D22 R51 Single Row Timing Chain Kit

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Nissan Row Chain Kit   aftermakeSingle Row Chain Kit 
  Genuine Nissan single-row chain kit with 4140 vacuum pump sprocket    Aftermarket sprocket single row chain kit without vac pump sprocket











The kit includes:

·         Simplex fuel pump sprocket genuine Nissan or aftermarket
·         Simplex crankshaft sprocket genuine Nissan or aftermarket
·         Simplex fuel pump drive chain genuine Nissan 
·         Duplex camshaft drive chain genuine Nissan
·         Cam chain tensioner (genuine Nissan, plus an Australian made fail-safe component)
·         Fuel pump chain tensioner genuine Nissan
·         Seven quality chain guides 4 Genuine Nissan
·        Crankshaft oil seal

·         Oil pump o rings
·         Camshaft sprockets upon request
·         Vacuum pump sprocket 90% Genuine kit only
·         Scissor gear tool (Australian made)
·         Free hire of harmonic balancer tools (Australian retail customers only)
·         Step by step installation guide and free telephone or email support
·         One year, 20,000km chain and sprocket warranty conditional upon vacuum pump  and fuel pump sprockets being in perfect alignment.

Genuine Nissan chains. The camshaft chain is a duplex genuine Nissan chain. The fuel pump chain is a simplex genuine Nissan chain. 

    yd25s nissan camshaft drive chain   Single row cam chain  
     YD25 Nissan duplex camshaft chain    YD25 Nissan single row fuel pump chain

What makes our single row kits the best
Our 90% genuine single row kits include a billet 4140 chrome molly vacuum pump sprocket. The only way to get a new OEM vacuum pump sprocket is to buy a whole vacuum pump from Nissan Australia which is about $800. Our vacuum pump sprocket is designed with a flat face to easily check sprocket alignment this can only be done with our parts and is critical for maximum chain sprocket and guide life.                  

Nissan Navara D22 Navara D40 Pathfinder R51 YD25 original primary timing chain vacuum pump socket showing wear to teeth       YD25 CNC Vacuume pump sprocket 
 Worn single row sprocket don't use        CNC 4140 vac pump sprocket 

The YD25.com.au kit includes genuine Japanese Tsubaki tensioners in their original Nissan packaging. These are the best available.  The top tensioner is supplied with an additional fail safe component designed and manufactured by us.  When new chains and guides are fitted, the fail safe component only allows the tensioner to back off 1.0mm. Without the fail safe, the tensioner can back off 7.0 to 8.0 mm which, when combined with 3.0 to 4.0mm of wear to the chain, can result in the chain jumping teeth. We have tested aftermarket tensioners and found high valve failure rates. These tensioners come in plastic bags or white boxes with no manufacturer stamp, name, or logo. Failed aftermarket tensioners have cost some owners their engine.

Don’t risk it!

yd25 tsubaki japan tensioner btm    yd25 tsubaki japan tensioner top
 YD25 Fuel pump chain tensioner  YD25 Cam chain tensioner


Special Tools
A scissor gear tool is included in each kit to assist installers maintain the pretension between the scissor gear and the idler gear during removal and installation.  Failure to maintain the pretension and timing will cause vibrations putting undue stress on the engine's internal components.

We offer free hire on the harmonic balancer tools for Australian retail customers. These tools are essential to loosen, remove and re-torque the harmonic balancer. For those wishing to take advantage of this offer, a security deposit of $230 AUD (including a non-refundable charge of $25 AUD to cover freight one way) is required.  $205 AUD will be refunded on return of the tools in good condition.

Correct chain running alignment between the vac pump and fuel pump sprocket is crucial for chain longevity. This can be achieved with our flat faced vacuum pump sprocket. The risk of using a worn vacuum pump sprocket is that the teeth will wear further and eventually come off causing vehicle brake failure or engine failure. Using a new chain on a worn vacuum pump sprocket voids warranty. Evidence that the vehicle has been serviced according to Nissan guidelines will be required to support a warranty claim. The warranty covers premature wear to chains and sprockets. Damage as a result of incorrect installation by anyone apart from us, other parts failing causing chain and sprocket damage or continuing to drive the vehicle when there is an unusual noise coming from the motor rather than having it repaired will not be covered by our warranty. All other timing chain components are covered by a 12month 20,000kms warranty.

We at YD25.com.au hope you have found this information useful.
For more information please submit your query using our online form or contact us directly on (+61) (0) 424 034 935.


Last updated July 2020