Not many people are aware of the YD25's strength and tuning capabilities. Despite being the smallest capacity of the 4-cylinder diesels the D40 YD25s came with the biggest factory fuel pump and injectors capable of 340hp. This makes it very easy to make power gains, with an upgraded turbo, intercooler, exhaust, and a tune you can easily get 250hp reliably. Stock internals are very strong we have tested the stock pistons, rods, and crank to over 400hp. Listed below are some builds that showcase the YD25's strength.

YD25.COM.AU Compound Turbo D22

our d22 2 our d22 enigne 2

The engine runs a standard crank, conrods and pistons, ARP studs, yd25.com.au oil pump and double row kit, and stronger valve springs.  Strapped to the engine is a compound turbo setup using a gtx2860 and gtx3071 turned up to 50psi boost. On the dyno it made 417WHP, after 5000km and over 30 1/4 mile, runs at the dragstrip the engine is still going strong.

Dylan's Compound Turbo D40

dyl d40 dyl d40 engine d40 dyl turbo setup


Dylan's engine was stock apart from ARP studs for the head, mains, and conrod big ends, Stiffer valve springs, and a yd25.com.au duplex timing chain kit. Strapped to the engine was a set of IHI turbos setup to run 42psi boost. On the dyno it made 250WHP with Nitrous Oxide it made 350WHP. After 30,000km of hard driving, the engine is still going strong.

Dylan's D22 Offroad Race Truck

dylan d22 dyl d22 enigne


Dylan's engine is stock apart from ARP studs for the head, mains, and conrod big ends. Strapped to the engine is a custom hi-flowed D40 turbo turned up to 45psi. Dylan also modified the intake manifold for better air distribution between the cylinders. On the dyno, it made 242WHP on 35-inch tires.

Brock's D40 

brocks d40 brocks d40 enigne

Brock's engine is a stock unopened YD25. The Turbo is a Greddy F55 turned up to 30psi. On the dyno, it made 260WHP a true testament to the strength of YD25.

Nick Tuner's D23 

140kw 3 rotor pump  

Nicks engine is a euro 5 yd25 140kw D40 engine. The engine features a custom intake and exhaust manifold. Boost is fed by a Greddy F55. The fuel pump setup is very unique with the fuel pump mounted outside of the engine and driven by a belt. This is done to overdrive the fuel pump to increase the fuel output.