D40 D22 R51 EGR Delete pipe kit

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EGR Delete pipe kit for D40 and R51. Gas jet plate for D22

EGR delete pipe kit

The EGR pipe on D40 and R51 has been known to fatigue in the heat exchanger and on the exhaust manifold Flange. The fatigue leads to cracks and the pipe leaks exhaust gases and coolant. The coolant leaks are internal and will give no visible evidence. 

egr exhuast crack flange br
Soot Marks From Exhaust Leak  EGR Flange Completely Snaped

There is a gas jet between the EGR valve and the intake manifold which interferes with the airflow and restricts the intake manifold airflow rates. The EGR delete kit has a gas jet blanking plate that replaces the gas jet which improves the airflow in the intake manifold. With the EGR modification, D40 and R51 produce 15% more torque and the D22 produces 20% more torque from 1000rpm.  Both have an improvement in fuel economy of about 5%.

gas jet plate location1 gas plate in man1 gas jet plate removed1
 Gas Jet plate Position In Intake  Gas Jet Tube Blocks About 25% of Intake Path  Intake With yd25.com.au Plate Fitted


The Delete pipe kit removes the whole pipe on D40s and R51s. For D22s you can use the gas jet blanking plate by itself and keep the pipe to keep it looking stock as the pipes aren't common to crack like D40s or you can delete the pipe entirely but you will need a piece of straight hose to loop the coolant.  When the EGR pipe is removed there is clear access to the drive belts and the cam chain cover. 

d40 egr  d22 egr
 D40 With EGR Delete Kit Fitted   D22 With EGR Delete Kit Fitted 


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