D22 YD25 Navara Turbo

At YD25 we sell Genuine RHF4-VN4 Turbos. The issue with aftermarket turbos is that they don't use good-quality bearings. When bearing failure occurs it causes excessive oil usage that can lead to a runaway engine. When the bearings fail it also causes excessive shaft play in the turbo allowing the turbo blades to contact the housing, this puts metal all through the intake and cannot be properly cleaned out of the intercooler. Another issue with aftermarket turbos is that the turbos are not balanced properly. If the turbo isn't balanced it causes excessive bearing wear.

Standard OEM Turbo

d22 turbo stock 2 d22 turbo stock 4
OEM D22 YD25 Turbo  


Hi-Flow Turbos

 d22 high flow d22 dyno zoomed d22 gaskets
D22 YD25 Hi-Flow Turbo  Dyno Graph of turbo Running 23psi Boost
Gasket Kit Included with High Flow Turbos


For Customers Chasing more power we have bolt-on high-flow Turbos. These turbos start off as an OEM turbo that is then machined and modified to suit a high-flowing billet compressor wheel.  The High flow compressor wheels provide 20% more airflow over a factory unit. This results in a healthy gain in overall torque and horsepower.

To gain the full potential of Hi-Flow turbochargers, we recommend having the vehicle tuned and fitting upgrade surrounding components, such as higher flowing exhaust and intercooler, hot and cold side piping, more efficient air inlet piping, etc.


Ceramic Coating Exhaust Housing

We also offer ceramic coating for the exhaust housing.

coated hot side  


For those worried about whether their yd25 will reliably handle the extra power check out our D22 build.  

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 Check Out Our D22 Build