YD25 D40 R51 VQ40 Heater Oil Cooler Hoses Upgrade Kit

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YD25 D40 R51 upgrade heater oil cooler hose kit   D40 R51 heater hose plastic fitting failure      heater hose kit
YD25/VQ40 D40 R51 Heater Oil Cooler Hoses Upgrade Kit  Kit on left replaces this entire hose Upgraded heater hose VS OEM size comparison

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 Plastic fittings that Break on OEM pipe Watch Our Install Video

All modern cars are fitted with plastic fibreglass radiator tanks and fittings. Older cooling systems used copper, brass and tin lead solder. Concerns over lead exposure to humans and environment has seen lead free cooling systems being used in modern vehicles. With the introduction of lead free cooling systems composite materials consisting of resins and fibreglass have replaced the reliable copper, brass and lead metal components. Over time, resins break down with heat and this limits the service life of resin based components.

Our heater hose kit includes a long life brass T to replace the OE composite T piece. The kit also includes a moulded heat resistant hose that replaces the OE composite/ metal line fitted to the firewall. Our replacement hose mounts behind the existing heater hose but unlike the OE part, allows much better access to the oil filter. Our oil cooler hoses are heavier-duty than OE hoses. Before ordering please check your oil cooler and advise if it is stainless steel or aluminium

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 Oil Cooler hoses  Aluminum Oil Cooler  Stainless steel Oil Cooler


Radiator top tanks are made from the same composite materials and fail. There should be no discoloration under the radiator cap. The tail under the cap brakes and coolant is lost. The easiest way to check is when the engine is cool wriggle the hose on the tail. Better to brake when cold than when driving.  

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