Diagnose Timing Chain Fault

How to diagnose a timing chain fault in the YD25 D40, D22 Navara & R51 Pathfinder engine.

This page explains the methods used to diagnose a timing chain fault in the Nissan Navara D40, D22 & Pathfinder R51 YD25 engine.

All common rail YD25 engines from 2005 have duplex (double row) camshaft timing chains. The duplex camshaft timing chain is built for a 300,000 km service life. The fuel pump drive timing chain is simplex (single row) and is failing well before the camshaft timing chain. It is imperative that you know the status of your timing chain, When the chain brakes you have extensive internal damage to your engine. Dont risk it!!! Get the free check done. 

Oscilloscope Method

Manual Method